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The Action Gallery

The Action Gallery

The programmatic identity of the Action Gallery was determined by the 1988 Struna (String) exhibition showcasing 22 artists from different generations invited to present works inspired by Jerzy Rosołowicz’s artistic attitude. His idea of a “conscious neutral action” – an action which aims to neutralize destructive factors in culture in a non-aggressive and non-competitive manner – became a crucial inspiration for the Action Gallery activities.

For many years, the gallery director Fredo Ojda has collaborated with such luminaries of Polish art as the art critic and theoretician Jerzy Ludwiński, the artist and theoretician Jan Świdzińki, and the artist Włodzimierz Borowski. Their work shaped the artistic attitude and ethos of the Action Gallery in many ways, including artistic actions, theoretical statements, and curatorial initiatives.

In addition to exhibitions, the Action Gallery’s program includes various forms of action art, performances, and ephemeral actions. They were first presented at large international festivals of performing arts held by the Gallery in other art centers: Interscop (1990) and Czas obecny – historia opowiadana/Real Time – Story Telling (1991). Each year, the Action Gallery holds performance events prepared in collaboration with the International Festival of Action Art in Piotrków Trybunalski.

The Action Gallery is not associated with any particular community, or artistic generation. The Gallery hosts a series of group exhibitions showcasing the works by faculty artists and their students, held by studios at art schools. Additionally, thesis exhibitions of graduating students are regularly presented.

The exceptional urbanistic and cultural context of the Action Gallery (Galeria Działań) is a result of it being located in the large Ursynów-Natolin agglomeration which - although it is no longer Warsaw’s dormitory district - does not have an autonomous cultural life of its own. Therefore, the goals of the gallery are not only artistic, but also educational and integrative. Founded by the artist Irena Moraczewska, the Children’s Art Studio is an integral part of the Action Gallery. Moreover, artists and art critics who collaborate with the Action Gallery run workshops and educational meetings in schools located in the Ursynów district.

The Action Gallery operates in premises owned by the “Imielin” Housing and Building Cooperative and receives regular financial assistance from it. Moreover, the Gallery is subsidized by the Department of Culture of the City of Warsaw for the Ursynów District. 

The Action Gallery
SMB Imielin
Ul. Marco Polo 1
02-776 Warsaw
tel. +48 22 643 65 37